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Unformatted text preview: CANADIAN RAISING [ʌj ʌw] /aj aw/ are higher when followed by voiceless consonants; low vowel /a/ becomes mid vowel /ʌ/. Broad Canadian Raising fight /fajt˺/ Narrow [fʌjt˺] Broad no Canadian raising guide /gajd/ Narrow [gaˑjd˺] ̥ Page 6 of 8 Phonetics LIN 228H1F 4. RHOTACIZED schwa /ɚ/ /ə/ becomes retroflex when followed by a retroflex /ɹ/. Broad Rhotacized /ə/ stir /stəɹ/ Narrow [stɚ] May 17, 2010 * the book talks about vowels before /ʃ ŋ/; ignore that (page 76) * ignore page 79, vowels before /l/ Vowels before /ɹ/ /i ej æ ʌ u ow/ do not occur before /ɹ/ /ɪ ɛ ʊ ɔ ɑ aj aw ɔj ə/ occur before /ɹ/ dear /dɪɹ/ */diɹ/ dare /dɛɹ/ */dejɹ/ moore /mʊɹ/ */muɹ/ bore /bɔɹ/ */bowɹ/ car /kɑɹ/ */kæɹ/ dire /dajɹ/ hour /awɹ/ Mid Central Vowels use /ʌ/ if you need a mid central vowel in a stressed syllable (not followed by /ɹ/) use /ə/ if you need a mid central vowel in an unstressed syllable (and in a stressed syllable ending in /ɹ/) Exercises 1. Transcribe using broad and narrow transcription broad blood differ clump apt pity kite narrow allophonic process(es) Page 7 of 8 Phonetics LIN 228H1F lodge cause language linguistics phonology May 17, 2010 Typo in the book 1. page 33, /ɵ/ is not a GA vowel Page 8 of 8...
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