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Unformatted text preview: A vowel is nasalized when followed or preceded by a nasal sound. Broad Nasalization map /mæp/ Narrow ͂ [mæp˺] May 17, 2010 Page 5 of 8 Phonetics LIN 228H1F 2. VOWEL LENGHTENING [ ˑ ] or [ ː ] a. contextual length: the length depends on the context All vowels are longer before voiced consonants and syllable-finally. Broad Vowel Lengthening Narrow Broad no vowel lengthening May 17, 2010 Narrow still /stɪl/ [stɪˑɫ] sip /sɪp/ [sɪp˺] b. inherent length Some vowels are by nature always longer than others: tense vowels and diphthongs. seat /sit/ [siˑt˺] w boat /bowt/ [b owt˺] no inherent, no contextual lax monophthongss sit /sɪt/ [sɪt˺] no inherent, yes contextual lax monophthongs lid /lɪd/ [lɪˑd˺] ̥ yes inherent, no contextual tense monphthongs seat /sit/ [siˑt˺] diphthongs w boat /bowt/ [b owt˺] yes inherent, yes contextual tense monphthongs seed /sid/ [siːd˺] ̥ diphthongs hw toad /towd/ [t oˑwd˺] ̥ 3....
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