G high front vowel means that the front part of the

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Unformatted text preview: vocal tract resembles a uniform tube e.g. high front vowel means that the front part of the tongue is raised with respect to the /ə/ neutral position …. the only time /ə/ occurs in a stressed syllable is before /ɹ/ purr /pəɹ/ courage /ˈkəɹɪdʒ/ Monophthongs and Diphthongs Monophthongs are simple vowels, of one vowel quality e.g. /i/ Diphthongs are complex vowels, of two vowel qualities e.g. /aw/ /aj/ /ej/ /ow/ /ɔj/ = = = = = /a/ + /u/ /a/ + /j/ /e/ + /u/ /o/ + /u/ /ɔ/ + /i/ /ej/ ow ɔj aj aw *the book talks about short /ij/ and /uw/ glides; we are not going to do that Exercise 1. Transcribe the following words. a. meat b. meet c. mitten d. root Page 4 of 8 Phonetics LIN 228H1F e. good f. fuzz g. aloud h. rate i. rat i. kite j. louse k. coat l. port m. pot n. blurt o. Mary 2. Which English vowel is this? a. high back rounded tense b. low back unrounded (tense) c. central mid (lax) Allophones of English Vowels 1. NASALIZATION [ ͂ ]...
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