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Christianity Study Guide

Christianity Study Guide - Christianity Herod the Great-was...

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Christianity Herod the Great -was a Roman client king of Israel -known for his colossal building projects in Jerusalem and other parts of the ancient world, including the rebuilding of the Second Temple in Jerusalem , sometimes referred to as Herod's Temple John the Baptist -baptized Jesus Four Reactions to Roman taxation on the JEWS Sadduces –relatively well-off. Accepted the status quo (Roman Rule-collaborators, Greek Culture- Hellinistic) Essenes- Believed society was too corrupt and that Yahweh would never allow Judaism to be renewed in society. Dropped out of Society. Lived communally, pious disciplined lives of fasting, prayer, purification and study. Pharisees- Stayed in society. Tried to renew society from within by strict adherence to Mosaic Law. The Pharisees equated strict adherence to the Law with piety (future rabbis). The Pharisees were seen as the religious representatives of the Jewish community Zealots-   Like Pharisees but favored armed revolt against the Romans to passive resistance. They sought recruits from among the youth of the Jewish community. Assassinated Sadducees. In 66-70 CE Great Jewish Revolt they rose in revolt and were defeated at Masada preferred suicide to surrender. This led the Romans to destroy the Temple in 70 CE and disperse the Jews Incarnation -means that Christ is God in Human form -Christ is truly God and truly human - The dogma that Christ’s nature was truly divine was established as dogma in 325 CE at the 1st Ecumenical Council at Nicea when it was decided the Christ and God the father were one Atonement -to recover wholeness -Middle Ages- to compensate for Adam’s sin -later Christianity- to release humanity from bondage of sin -through Christ’s life and death we have been released from our sins Trinity
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-While God is one, God is also Three. Disciples were Jews and believed in Yahweh, the creator. Disciples saw Jesus as Yahweh’s extension in the world. The Disciples came to believe in the Holy Spirit.
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