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Fitness Plan: Jogging Goal: To increase my flexibility. I want to be able to sit and reach at least 13 inches. Activities: In order to increase my flexibility, I will perform various cardiovascular workouts that will work my major muscle groups. The most important workout will be Jogging. I will also switch workouts and exercise on the elliptical and the bicycle. Before and after each workout, I will stretch. Frequency: I will perform each activity three days a week. Once I have reached my goal of flexibility, I will maintain it by performing these activities at least once a week. This fitness plan will last about 8 weeks. Intensity: During my cardiovascular workouts, I will reach my target heart range of about 188 beats per minute. Time: My cardiovascular workouts will last 30 minutes the first for weeks. After four weeks, I will then increase my workout to 45 minutes. Before these workouts, I will perform various stretches (touching toes, side splits, middle splits etc.) I will hold each stretch for 30
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