Electric Fields and Equipotential Lines

Electric Fields and Equipotential Lines - Hobbs,April...

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Hobbs, April 7 July 2010 Physics 1112 Lab Electric Fields and Equipotential Lines I. Introduction A. The purpose of this experiment was to understand the relationship between electric fields and equipotential lines. In this experiment, we mapped electric fields and equipotential lines of different shapes given to us by our instructors. Mapping electric fields involves determining the force on charged objects due to surrounding charges. A voltmeter was used in order to map the equipotential lines for the charge distributions on the conductor plate. We did this by connecting different points that had the same voltage value. To create a two dimensional charge distribution, we applied a potential difference to two conductors that were attached to a conducting plate. The electric field lines can be determined by using the equipotential lines. Electric field lines always go from positive charges to negative charges. Also, electric field lines, by definition, cross equipotential lines at a right angle (perpendicular) to the direction of the electric field. B. We began this experiment by setting up the apparatus. We first obtained a power supply, voltmeter, conductor paper (w/ shapes), conducting plate, red and black cables, and a pencil. We attached the cables to the conducting plate as shown by our instructor. The cables should go from the voltmeter to the conducting plate and the power supply on the negative end. There also should be a cable going from
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Electric Fields and Equipotential Lines - Hobbs,April...

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