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Antebellum Free Blacks

Antebellum Free Blacks - BLACK SLAVE OWNERS Economic gain...

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Antebellum Free Blacks Appeared in VA as early as 1650s Still denied basic rights and full citizenship How did they become free??!!! Indentured servants (completed service) Purchased freedom Manumitted by masters Some free blacks purchased their family Talk about GODFREY BROWN. 23 YRS to buy his family for 2,375 dollars Talk about the mullato population Colonial law Any children conceived- 31 years as a slave Large portions of population – 68.6 % in South The term free black- misnomer -Palmer said they were in an INTERMEDIATE stage -CONGRESS denying backs in militia, mailmen, elective office in D.C. Voting rights- poll taxes, grandfather clause New England States began to allow it –no threat to political power Dred Scott case
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Unformatted text preview: BLACK SLAVE OWNERS Economic gain Slaves did not like black owners Uncle Eph (drown) Benevolent reasons Colonization Paul Cuffe- Christianization, colonization, taxes relieved Reasons ppl did not want to emigrate Thomas Jefferson –emigration Henry Clay (presiding speaker of the house)- “drained off” American Colonization Society-Libieria-Elizabeith sierra leone-diasttrous-malaria . . . Henry Highland Garnett-president of ACS-QUOTE- rather see a man free in Liberia, than a slave in US-EMIGRATION supporter SCHOOLS-blacks established their own schools. -but minimal financial support-did not mention the Obalate Sisters of Providence- didn’t have this problem...
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  • Slavery in the United States, American Colonization Society, Black Slave Owners, Antebellum free blacks, free black- misnomer

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Antebellum Free Blacks - BLACK SLAVE OWNERS Economic gain...

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