CocaCola - Coca-Cola and Women Connection Perhaps During...

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Coca-Cola and Women: Connection Perhaps? During the opening years of the Coca-Cola Company, advertisements were important for the business’ success. When looking at the early advertisements produced by the company (generally in the 1950’s) there is a link that is recognizable with the majority of the advertisements, this link is women. In a 1955 Coca-Cola advertisement there is a woman in her beautiful yellow dress holding a bottle of coke. In the foreground (a mirror) staring into her eyes as she begins to drink her ice-cold Coca-Cola. The headline of the advertisement reads, “So refreshing….so welcome…everywhere.” This title represents the drink itself as well as the woman holding the drink. In the presence of Coca-Cola, women are more appealing to the male as it is depicted in this particular advertisement. Another advertisement introduced by the Coca-Cola Company portrayed slender woman holding a cup of Coca-Cola at a bar looking toward the viewer with a slight smirk on her face. The name, “Coca-Cola”, is the main focus of the advertisement. The “subheading” of the advertisement states “have a coke” as the text wraps around the woman’s lower leg. The woman is wearing yellow gloves with one hand pointing toward the subheading, and the other hand is holding the cup of coca-cola. The bright yellow gloves
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CocaCola - Coca-Cola and Women Connection Perhaps During...

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