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Food Enhances Relationships Final

Food Enhances Relationships Final - Hobbs 1 Hobbs April Dr...

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Hobbs 1 Hobbs, April Dr. Wilder English 1102 20 February 2008 Food Enhances Relationships When people think about food, it is an automatic response to the need of nourishing their bodies. Although food’s main purpose is nourishment, the need for it and its effects on human life are far more complex. In the novel Everyone Eats , E. N. Anderson states that “Food is, indeed, rather like language, but one can be more free with food” (110). Food allows people to express themselves in ways that they would not be able to do under regular circumstances (i.e. without the presence of food). As a result of using food as a source of communication, boundaries are broken, thus building stronger relationships between people and within themselves. Lasse Hallström’s film Chocolat and Ang Lee’s film Eat Drink Man Woman , both display the relationship strengthening outcomes of using food as the main source and facilitator of communication. In Ang Lee’s Eat Drink Man Woman, the medium of the family’s communication is Master Chu’s (Sihung Lung) house. Most of the major announcements that are made in the film are made over the food of Master Chu. Although Jia-Chien (Chien-lien Wu) calls it “. . . the Sunday dinner torture ritual . . .”, the conversations that are made over this Sunday dinner allow everyone to convey their thoughts and emotions without being afraid to speak from their heart. Jia-Chien confirms their form of communication when she is speaking to her sister, Jia-Jen (Kuei-Mei Yang). She says “We communicate through eating . . .” Eating is how this family is able to discuss important issues regarding life changes.
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Hobbs 2 On the contrary, communication fails when food is not present. This can be seen when Jia-Ning (Yu-Wen Wang) attempts to tell her father about her pregnancy and moving out of the house while taking out the trash. She is unable to express herself until food comes into the
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Food Enhances Relationships Final - Hobbs 1 Hobbs April Dr...

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