Ka'bah - Hobbs, April (A) Religion 1001 Research...

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Hobbs, April (A) Religion 1001 Research Paper-Islam 25 September 2009 Honerkamp Logan Edwards Jones, Lindsay (Ed.). (2005). Encyclopedia of Religion (2nd ed., Vol. 8). New York: Cengage Gale. Ka’bah Upon discovering this particular article, I was immediately intrigued by the detailed information given about this holy site. We have mentioned this site occasionally in class, but we never went into great detail of its actual significance to the Muslim World. Therefore, this article was very interesting and insightful. It provides historical background as to why Muslims believe this site is holy and why they find it very important to their religion, Islam. The Ka’bah can be found in Mecca (Saudi Arabia). It is a cube-like structure that is sometimes called the “House of God.” When Muslims say their daily prayers, they face this structure. Actually, Muslims all over the world will face the Ka’bah, no matter where they are, during their prayers. Muslims also will take a pilgrimage to the Ka’bah in Mecca.
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Ka'bah - Hobbs, April (A) Religion 1001 Research...

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