What is Religion - Hobbs, April (A) 28 August 2009 Religion...

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Hobbs, April (A) 28 August 2009 Religion 1001 What is Religion? April Nicole Hobbs Kessler begins by analyzing the basis of a sufficient definition. He repeatedly states how hard it is to specifically define “religion.” Kessler compared a definition to heuristic devices. Heuristic devices were defined as an “aid that stimulates further investigation and thought (17).” He believed that definitions were neither true nor false, because different areas will find different definitions useful to their lifestyle. Kessler stresses that a good definition cannot be too broad nor too specific, but it must posses the ability to create boundaries. Kessler stated one good aspect that would constitute a good definition: the definition must be essential. He went into further detail of what “essence” is defined as. He basically said that essence represented the qualities that symbolize something. These qualities must be necessary and sufficient to the article being defined. Kessler begins to use scientific terms in order to describe the basis of a good definition. He believes that it must identify the genus and species. The genus is a class that is divisible into a
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What is Religion - Hobbs, April (A) 28 August 2009 Religion...

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