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.net interview questions 1. Explain dotnet framework ? The dot net Framework has two main components CLR and .NET Libraries. CLR (common language runtimes), that actually runs the code manages so many things for example code execution, garbage collection, memory allocation, thread management etc. Apart from CLR, the .NET framework contains .NET libraries, which are collection of namespaces and classes. The classes and namespaces are kept in a systematic way and can be used in making any application, code reusability etc. The root namespace of .NET framework is System, with this namespace many namespaces like web (system.web), data (system.data), windows (system.windows) are generated which can be further have their namespaces. 2. What is the difference between Metadata and Menifest ? Manifest describes the assembly itself. Assembly name, version number, culture information. strong name, list of all files, type reference and reference assembly. While the Metadata describes the contents within the assembly. like classes, interfaces, namespaces, base class, scope, properties and their parameters etc. 3. What are public and private assemblies ? differences and scope ? Public assembly are the dll/exe file that can be used in different application. The main advantage of public assemblies is code reusability. These can be used in different machine on different computers. These are also called as shared assemblies. Private assembly is the assembelyinfo.cs or assembelyinfo.vb file within an application. An application must have one private assembly, outside this application there is no scope of private assembly. 4. What is an Assembly ? Assemblies are the fundamental building block of .NET framework. They contains the type and resources that are useful to make an application. Assembly enables code reuse, version control, security and deployment. An assembly can have four parts : Manifest, Type metadata, MSIL and Resource file 5. What is GAC ? GAC (global assemble cache) Its an space (directory C:\winnt\assembely) on the server where all the shared assemblies are registered and that can be used in the application for code reuse. 6. What do you know about Machine.Config file ? Its a base configuration file for all .NET assemblies running on the server. It specifies settings that are global to a particular machine. 7. Different types of authentication modes in .NET Framework? Windows, Forms, Passport and None. 8. What is Strong name? Strong name ensures the uniqueness of assembly on the server. A strong name includes information about Assembly version, Public/Private Key token, Culture information and Assembly name. 9. Where does the GAC exist? By default C:\\assembely e.g c:\winnt\assembely or c:\windows\assembely 10. What are different types that a variable can be defined and their scopes? Public- Can be accessed anywhere
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3119838-aspnet - .net interview questions 1. 1 Explain...

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