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frost horace - Horace would have agreed with Fagans...

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Horace would have agreed with Fagan’s analysis connected with Frost’s observation of the inevitable forces of evil found in nature because of Frost’s relation of interrupted poetic structure to how evil forces may interrupt the forces of good characterized by innocent moth that lost its life for no apparent reason other than it presence at the wrong time Horace would have recognized Frost’s success using simple structure to correspond with the behavior of evil in the poem “Design” but would have suggested Frost’s failure in his poem “Birches.” Lynen, the author of The Pastoral Art, would have disagreed with both Fagan and Horace, because he believes that the poem contains a “superficial sense” because of the lack valuable insight. He would not insist that the emphasis created by the break in rhythmic pattern is enough to project the insight Frost was trying to project to the reader (Lynen 189.) Horace suggests that a poem must follow tradition formality and should not neglect the principles that govern poetry. He believes that the “unwarranted freedom” given to poets should not be abused (Horace 90) and in this perspective frost carelessly writes free verse in the poem “Birches.” In the poem the
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frost horace - Horace would have agreed with Fagans...

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