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Project 3.1 Ma226 In order to solve the differential equation with two parameters we solved for the Eigen values. dx/dt = ax + by dy/dt = -x –y In matrix form, a b x 0 -1 -1 y = 0 To solve the eigen values we get the characteristic equation: J^2 – (a-1)J + (-a+b) Apply the quadratic formula and solve for J
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Unformatted text preview: (a-1)+-sqrt((a-1)^2-4(-a+b)) //// 2 Lambda = 0 J = a^2-2a+1+4a-4b 0 = a^2/4 + a/2 + ¼ Three parts when determining sink saddle source and center. Solve for the three functions a,b,c Where a) the entire function b) (a-1)/2 c) )+-sqrt((a-1)^2-4(-a+b))...
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