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CH 102 lab 6 woot - Julian Hart Lab 6 Ch102 Thursday 4:30...

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Lab 6 Ch102 Thursday 4:30 Frank February 23, 2009 Lab 6: Colligative Properties Freezing Point and Depression and Molecular Mass Determination Intro: This lab investigates the properties of freezing a solution under controlled environments. By placing cyclohexane into a test tube and submerging it into a cold beaker filled with NaCl and ice we were able to identify the freezing point. The more chemicals added to the solution the lower the freezing point. Procedure: 1. First the pure cyclohexane sample was prepared by filling up a test tube with 15.0 ml of cyclohexane. The test tube had a rubber stopper that kept the pressure in the test tube constant and a thermometer that went through the stopper and into the sample of cyclohexane. 2. The cooling mixture was then prepared by filling a 600 ml beaker with 600 ml of ice. Then, 100 ml of solid NaCl was added to the ice. The two substances were mixed until a cold ice-water slush formed with a temperature of about -15 degrees Celsius. 3. The test tube with the cyclohexane sample was then put into the beaker with ice, making sure the test tube was submerged at least 2 cm into the ice. 4.
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CH 102 lab 6 woot - Julian Hart Lab 6 Ch102 Thursday 4:30...

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