2-10 - The story we hear is a harmonized version of all the...

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Synoptic Problem: How to account for large chunks Professor walks in late, who observed her—experiment When M, M, + L have the same story , there is some kind of copying going on. The question is, what is the direction of copying? o You can’t just rely on date to assume that Matthew copied Mark o Sometimes Mt= Mk but Luke is different o Sometimes Mt is different from Mark=Luke o Sometimes Mt=Mk=Lk o Sometimes they all disagree o What you almost never see Mt agreeing with Luke against Mark When they share stories, they are always in same order Matthew Mark Luke 1 (a) 1 1 (d) 2 (b) 2 2 (c) 3 (c) 3 3 (b) 4 (d) 4 4 (a) When Matthew and Luke have same stories (that are not found in Mark), they always occur in different order When they are all parallel in stories, they are always in the same order Two Source Hypothesis (Q and Mark) o Mark Matthew ( means copy) o Mark Luke o Q (Quelle, meaning ‘source’ in German). Q could have been oral, but probably was written Q Luke Q Matthew o Compare Jesus’ birth narrative in Luke and Matthew, they are different.
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Unformatted text preview: The story we hear is a harmonized version of all the stories • Four Source Hypothesis o L Luke o M Matthew o Plus Mark and Q • Each Gospel is distinct and is trying to depict a certain Jesus Character. We can’t just say that they have ‘different perspectives” MATTHEW • We want to get a feeling of the claim that the writer tries to express • In opening line, we hear that Jesus is from the greatest KING and the Patriarch of the Jewish Religion. Luke’s Genealogy is different from Matthew’s. • Why does the genealogy go through Joseph’s line if he is not the biological father? • Note during the birth narrative, the prophets are referred to • Magi (definitely not Jewish) come to visit Jesus • The Gentiles are the ones who recognize him • Herod- Egypt- come back via another way- baptized- Sermon on the Mount (SOUNDS LIKE MOSES!!!!)...
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2-10 - The story we hear is a harmonized version of all the...

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