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Final Essays - S IM I LARITIES Born and raised Jewish never...

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SIMILARITIES DIFFERENCES Born and raised Jewish, never departed from the truth of Judaism and the Jewish God The coming judge of earth (Son of Man vs. Jesus) Apocalyptic mission Keeping of the central teachings of Jesus’ Law vs. believing in the death and resurrection of Jesus and not relying on observance of the Law Expected Jesus/Son of Man to come down from heaven in judgment during the Paul’s life/life of his disciples Faith involves trusting God to bring his (future) kingdom to people vs. faith involved believing in the past death and resurrection of Christ Dismissed the Pharisaic (Jesus) concern of Jewish Law for right standing with God Importance lies in proclamation of coming of the end and in his correct interpretation of the Law vs. Importance lies in Jesus’ death and resurrection for sins Taught the need for faith in Christ/God The end of the age began in the lives of Jesus’ followers who accepted his teachings and began to implement them in their lives vs. the end of the age began with the defeat of the power of sin at the cross of Jesus Love of one’s neighbor is the Law
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