Revelation - popular? o Canonical questions: how canon was...

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Outline of Revelation The Prresent time of the Church Struggle: Letters to the Seven Churches (2:1-3:22) The time between the Present and the Engd (4:1-18:24) o Vision of the Heaven o Opening of the Seven Seals o Blowing of the Seven Trumpets o Apocalypctic vision of Happenings of Earth o Preparatory Vision of the End o Pouring out of Seven Bowls of Wrath Ending Seven Churches of Revelation How should we read Revelation The symbolic and intensely visual language Reading it as literature? o Genre o Form o Style o Literary effect o Apocalypse as a genre: pseudonymous, visions, heavenly journeys, symbolism o Comparison to other apocalypses and issue of ‘popularity’ o Apocalypses and apocalypticicism Reading it text-critically? o Manuscripts o Original words o Manuscripts of Revelation: tiny scrap preserves one of the instances of the numbers of the beast- (666 or 616)- Emperor Nero o Transmission history: few early papyri of this (because it was debated? But was it
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Unformatted text preview: popular? o Canonical questions: how canon was decided Reading it for history? As history? Socio-historically? o Ask what kind of a socio-historical context might have generated such a text:? What kind of an author would have written it? To what kind of an audience would it have appealed to? Why? o Here we need to come back to the apocalyptic imagination From what kind of a context does apocalyptic emerge? Why use symbolism? Why the violent imagery? What the dualistic tendencies? Apocalypticism as a message of hope in a time of crisis (persecution, exile, oppression) Passages: o Rev 13: The beast rising out of the sea o Rev 13:18 the number of the beast o Rev 17: Whore of Babylon o Rev 20:11-15: Final Judgement...
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Revelation - popular? o Canonical questions: how canon was...

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