The Jews in John - F rank Hager Int roduction to the New...

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Frank Hager Introduction to the New Testament Reflection #4 February 26, 2010 The Jews in John After thoroughly reading the Gospels, it is clear that the Gospel of John is the most anti-Jewish of the four. The most logical reason for the negative portrayal of the Jews in this Gospel is that it was most likely written around 100 C.E. when ‘Christians’ settled in the Johannine Community and their opponents were the Jews. The author(s) of John’s Gospel and his Epistles were attempting to spread the ‘word’ of Christ, leading to the maximum Christology in the New Testament. However, many Jews rejected Jesus and continued to practice their Jewish faith. Such confrontation led to clear animosity between these two groups, as seen by the way John (I will call the author John for the remainder of the paper for simplicity’s sake) portrays them in a negative light. This essay will analyze specific passages both from a literary and historical angle in an attempt to identify both how and why John characterizes the Jews. In Chapter 5 of John, we see ‘the Jews’ attacking Jesus after he cures a sick man who could not walk. In the story, the Jews question Jesus for working on the Sabbath which can lead us to many interpretations to this passage. First, the author may be trying to show the readers that Jesus has come with a new Law to replace Moses’ original law
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The Jews in John - F rank Hager Int roduction to the New...

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