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Unformatted text preview: Name: Score: / 210 CE 4433 - FOUNDATION ENGINEERING HOMEWORK 1 (SOIL MECHANICS REVIEW) INSTRUCTIONS (1) Read the instructions for each problem, paying particular attention to “NOTES” that may be provided to aid and simplify your solution. (2) Provide all of your ANSWERS IN THE BLANKS PROVIDED with the question. Also, be careful to provide your answer IN THE PROPER UNITS furnished with the answer blank. (3) Supporting calculations for all problems should be provided at the rear of the exam, with numbers indicating which calculations are related to the corresponding question number. The calculations should adhere to departmental guidelines for homework submittals. (4) (5) If you want to receive partial credit, you need to SHOW YOUR WORK . Specifically, this means: (a) Describe your calculations with brief notes outlining your thought process, (b) Write out the formulas that you are using, (c) Tell me what values you are using in the formulas (or show me the formula with the values in their places). (d) Refer me to any graphics that you have drawn to aid your solution, (e) Reference any charts or tables that you are using in your solution, (f) If you feel the need to make an assumption, tell me what the assumption is and why you made it. (g) When you submit your homework, staple all sheets you want graded to your completed assignment. (6) Make use of the reference sheets attached with the assignment. These should include everything you need to complete the assignment. SCORING Problem 1: __________ out of 40 possible points Problem 2: __________ out of 20 possible points Problem 3: __________ out of 20 possible points Problem 4: __________ out of 30 possible points Problem 5: __________ out of 50 possible points Problem 6: __________ out of 50 possible points SCORE: __________ 1 AGRI-CHEM INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS PHOSPHORIC ACID TRAIN 2 WASTE GYPSUM IMPOUNDMENT NO. 4. CRYSTAL SPRINGS, FLORIDA The production of fertilizer requires a basic ingredient obtained from the extraction of certain minerals from limestone. To this end, limestone is mined, crushed, and placed in large leaching tanks, where phosphoric acid is sprayed over the crushed rock. As the acid washes over the crushed stone, parts of the limestone become soluble and are subsequently transported away with the acid solution. A certain fraction of the limestone is insoluble and remains as gypsum after the chemical wash. This gypsum is considered a waste byproduct of the separation process. This waste gypsum is slightly radioactive and retains much of the acidity from the washing process. For this reason, the waste gypsum must be disposed into large hazardous waste landfills, which are informally called “gypsum ponds.” One such gypsum pond is shown on the attached Drawing G-1. This assignment will focus upon the geotechnical issues surrounding the design and performance of Gypsum Ponds 4A, 4B, and 4C of Drawing G-1....
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Spring2010_Homework1_CrystalSpringsGypsumPonds! - Name:...

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