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Axia College Material Appendix D Strategies for Gathering Information Source (Formatted using APA style guidelines) What makes the source credible or noncredible? What information can you gather from this source? Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia. 2009. National Rifle Association of America. By definition an encyclopedia is required to present fact without bias. From this source you can gather facts on most subjects. Branas, c.c. 2009.  Investigating the Link  Between Gun Possession  and Gun Assault.  American Journal of  Public Health. I do not feel as though this information is creditable. The author present’s too many opinions mingled in with his survey. If the survey results can be
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Unformatted text preview: extracted from the opinion those results are valuable. Smith, R. 2009. Police Journal. Non creditable!!! Lots and lots of opinion, very little fact. Could use information on the potential uses of electronic control devices. Haughey, J. 2009. Outdoor Life. This might be a creditable source. It contains the briefs from several states. Different states policies on gun Control in different forms. Henigan, D. A. 2009. The Heller Paradox, UCLA Law Review This one could go either way. It examines both sides of gun control. Then he gives his opinion on both sides. This article could prove to provide an interesting perspective on the benefits of both perspectives. com220r3...
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