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I received feedback in the following ways. My peer review focused on the positive points of my paper. My peer like the way I presented both sides of the argument. She also liked the way the information was delivered. She thought it was presented in a manor that made sense and would help my readers understand the point I was trying to make. My instructor review focused primarily on my source documentation. The PC also focused heavily on this and showed a 43% similarity index. This seemed high but at the same time I tried to incorporate as much data as possible to back up my point. WP focused on a lot of word choice and a few punctuation errors.
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Unformatted text preview: In my final draft I am going to incorporate all of the feedback that I received. The easiest place to start is the source notation. I am spending a lot of time this week working on this as it is a area of concern. Also I am planning to rewrite a section or two to add to the counter argument. When I did my peer review this was one point that I felt was lacking. If I were the reader I would like to see both sides, and I think that my readers might feel the same way. I will also do a more through review of the WP notations in a hope to make my paper seamless....
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