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Well I am not sure who paid for each of these but I would assume that the Larry King producers paid for the LKL program, and I would say that Progressive paid for the Progressive commercials. In the Progressive commercial I do not think there is a secondary opinion being given. Progressive is simply throwing every other company under the bus without mercy. Also I do not feel like LK is putting a secondary opinion on this interview. He is asking a lot of easy straightforward questions. The Progressive commercials tell me that as a society we want to save money and we would like to do all of our insurance shopping in one place. The LK interview tells me that as a society we like to live in the past a little bit. We want to remember and gain strength from our past. I feel like both sites are credible. LKL has established himself as a credible source over the years, by asking questions on both sides of the political fence to people of all walks of life.
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Unformatted text preview: Progressive is trying a lot harder to establish credibility by showing viewers how their product compares with others. I am slightly skeptical of the source. Any time people are being paid to do things I feel nervous. I like to know peoples intentions. If a person is being paid I don’t think you can really assess their true intention. I do detect a little Bias. This interview went too well. It might have been due to the fact that this interview was done as a sort of 9/11 memorial, but there was a positive spin on the whole thing. These adds make the claim that Progressive is the best by a huge margin. The Seller dose not use any type of fear to sell their product, but they do try to bring you in with a feeling of approachability, and ease of use. The people are not admirable, but they are defiantly likeable and the sales person is defiantly there to sell the product. I personally will not be making a purchase based on the info that I saw....
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