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The first argument is that the US reaction to the 9-11 attacks was unjustified. Several parallels are given to of set the US reaction. The writer stated the US overreacted because more people die in earthquakes, car accidents, and murders. The writer tries to offset the malice shown by terrorists by puffing up the malice shown by terrorists. I feel that each of these are weak. In turn the argument is weak. You do not compare events and reactions to strengthen or weaken a reaction. You must judge each event individually. You must judge each reaction individually. Each of these premises are weak and do nothing to prove the point the author is trying to make.
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Unformatted text preview: The second argument is that the reaction by the government is unjustified. The author feels that it is an incontinence to stand in line at the airport, and that the increase in awareness is a waste of time. The author tries to bring government spending in as premises for the argument, as well as media obsession. Neither of these premises takes away from the fact that our defense against this type of attack were insufficient, and that by it’s very nature this attack was and is evil. Though this might have been a good argument, the execution was substandard and the reasoning was poor....
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