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Final Project - This is the second movie in a three movie...

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This is the second movie in a three movie series. In the first movie “Oceans Eleven” stole 163 million dollars from a casino. The owner of the casino short 163 million dollars has now come after each of oceans eleven to repay him. From the beginning of the movie money influences the plot and the characters. Each of the characters is affected in a different way. All of them are scared of the person that they stole the money from, so when he asks them to give the money back each of them feel it necessary to do so. Along the way the wife of one of the characters gets hooked into working with the original eleven making them twelve. With their lives on the line these twelve people scheme steal and trick their way into repaying the 163 million dollars. The only time money is used on the movie as a tool of trade is when the 12 trade money for their lives. Briefly each of them talks about how they spent the money that they stole.
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