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Taking a Position - planning to address the youth of the...

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In this comic strip the key issue is that Anita’s friend is manipulating the computer system at wok so that she can give herself more money. In essence she is putting a price tag on her integrity. In this situation Anita dose a good job taking herself out of the situation in order to evaluate her thoughts. Even though Anita could use the money she uses logic, sees that it is risky, refuses to use the glitch, and reports her friend. She takes a position based on what is right and wrong. Uses her moral compass as her guide and takes the best and hardest course of action. She did what is right despite the consequences. Currently there is an issue that I am taking an issue on. This Tuesday our President is
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Unformatted text preview: planning to address the youth of the schools. Not the adults! The youth. I do not feel that it is okay for him to do this. I do not feel that he has the right to bypass the home and go straight for the children. I will not accept it. From the moment that I heard this I was in opposition of it. I called the school and told them that I was going to take my sons out of school. What in the world could he have to say that he can not say to the adults first. Adolf Hittler did something very similar to this during WWI. In WWII we called the product of his efforts the SS....
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