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I feel like as a family that we should be putting more money away for the future. As most families, we have seen a significant changes as the result of our current economic status. This has happened primarily through loss of job. I felt like if I had lived differently prior to this loss we would have been safer when I did lose my job. I take my role as a provider seriously and want the best for my family. I feel like we have total control over our bills. We know how to prioritize our spending. When we do so there is comfort knowing that the
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Unformatted text preview: essentials are taken care of. I just used the numbers from our personal budget. We already knew where things were going and where they were coming from. It is always nice though to see some one else’s template though. I would like to put money into accounts for things like furniture and recreation, which I currently do not. I simply filled in the blanks on the template. I want to see us putting more money into savings. There is allot of unnecessary spending and I would like to see that change, and a more strict savings plan implemented....
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