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My short-term savings goal is to put 200 dollars into a savings account every month for an emergency, and to place 5% into an IRA. The mid- term goal is to have a $10000.00 emergency fund. During this time three other accounts will be opened. The first is a college account for my three kids, the second is a vacation fund, and the third is a new car fund. Also during this mid-term I would like to see the IRA increase to 20%. Long-term I would like to see the emergency increase to $50000.00, the college account cap at $120000.00, the vacation fund will have a revolving $5000.00 per year, and the car fund $10000.00 per year to accommodate a new car every three years. Through the short and mid-term years I see the majority of these funds being held in a money market savings account. The minimum deposit is $100.00, the money is accessible, and it has an APY up to 20%. For the long-term I intend to shop for a High Yield savings account. The funds are still accessible and the interest nearly doubles. The IRA will
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