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Quantitative Methods Notes - Quantitative Methods[CFA530]...

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1 Quantitative Methods[CFA530] 1. The logarithm of a number is equal to the exponent to which a given base must be raised in order to get the number. 2. The feasible region is the set off all points which satisfy all the constraints in the LPP. 3. In case of a negatively skewed distribution Arithmetic Mean < Median < Mode. 4. Std Dev when mean and mean square are given. a. Std Dev = ( ∑x2 – n 2) (N-1) 5. According to the Bienayme-Chebyshev rule, at least (1- 1/k2) percent of the observations in a sample are contained within k standard deviations around the mean, regardless of the shape of the distribution. 6. A continuous uniform probability distribution is described by the upper and lower limits of the interval. 7. The F distribution is a distribution of the ratio of two random variables each of which follows a chi- square distribution. 8. In decision making under uncertainty the regret criterion is based on opportunity costs of decisions. 9. Other things remaining the same, if the sample size increases then the width of the confidence interval for the population mean will decrease. 10. The point estimate of population mean = sample mean 11. Advantages of chain base method of constructing index numbers a. The link relatives calculated by using the chain base method, enable comparisons over successive years b. It is a flexible method c. Whenever found necessary, weights can be adjusted in chain base method d. Seasonal variations have minimal impact on chain index numbers. 12. In ANOVA, if we have large enough sample sizes, we can discard the assumption that the samples are drawn from a normal population. 13.
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Quantitative Methods Notes - Quantitative Methods[CFA530]...

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