What is the difference between Collaborate and Corroborate

What is the difference between Collaborate and Corroborate...

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What is the difference between Collaborate and Corroborate? The word Collaborate comes from the Latin collab orare meaning to labour together. Therefore, when you collaborate with someone you work with that individual for a purpose for example you could collaborate with someone on a project. • We will be collaborating with Amerial Company to develop the product. When you corroborate some thing, you provide proof or evidence that support what you or someone else has said. The word is frequently used in legal contexts. • Some of the research findings seem to corroborate my father’s theory. ----------- What is the difference between Among and Amid? The two are not synonymous. Among is considered less formal of the two. Books on English usage maintain that the word among should be used when it is followed by plural countable nouns or by a word indicating a separable group of people or things, congregation, crowd, etc, • The priest walked among his congregation, shanking hands with a few. Amid on the other hand is mainly used with uncountable nouns. It suggests that you are surrounded by something that is usually inseparable. • The three robbers escaped amid the confusion that followed the fire. ---- What is the difference between Take Care Of and Take Care? You usually take care of something or some. In this case, you look after a person or thing. It’s your duty to take care of your old parents. When you tell someone to take care, what you mean is that you want the person to be careful. Tell the children to take care when they cross they busy road. Now a days lot of people uses the expression take care to mean goodbye. It is mostly used in informal contexts. Look at the time I’ve got to get going. You take care. What is the meaning of this phrase? Not to Put Too Fine a Point on It This is an expression that you normally use when you wish to speak your mind and you are not really worried about how the others around you will react. It is a polite way of saying Excuse me for being blunting. But this is what I think . • Your dissertation, not to put too fine a point on it, should be thrown into the dustbin. • Our college team’s performance, not to put too fine a point on it, was terrible. Restroom Vocabulary english-for-students.com and other sites 1
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How is the word Behoove Pronounced? There are two ways of spelling this world. The British spell it Behove , while the Americans spell it Behoove . No matter how you spell the world. It is pronounced the same way. The first e is like the I in bit, kit and Sit. The following o is like the o in go, so and no. The final e is silent and the stress is on the second syllable. The word sounds like behoove and it is mostly used in rather formal contexts. Behoove Means Appropriate or necessary. If it behooves you to do something, it is necessary for you to do it. • Remember, you are under oath. It behooves you to tell the truth.
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What is the difference between Collaborate and Corroborate...

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