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to the next teacher - with you, is it possible for them to...

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To: Nina Copy to Jeff Room 207 Your students each have a portfolio, which I am transferring to Jeff to give to them. The portfolio might communicate to you a bit about what they are currently working on. I hope that this procedure and this short information about each student will help in your lesson planning. It helps me when a previous teacher gives some tips. I hope this info is helpful. The following students are coming to you: Andrea Rueche (who likes to study grammar and is preparing for reading comprehension tests, so she likes working on handouts that she received) She and Marta like working together. Ane Larman and Teresa Blanco and Irene and Maria Gonzalez like working together. Teresa will be a dentist (her dad) – I have suggested that she look at a difficult dentist article and try to understand it and look for new vocabulary and then make a summary of the article. Some of them were working on a dialog and they might want to continue that work. If they finish their daily classwork
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Unformatted text preview: with you, is it possible for them to continue to work on their projects (either back in room 205 or by bringing their work to your classroom?) I can provide materials (some of them are working on posters) Irene wants to be a doctor… she has a projects related to human body, etc. I’m particularly interested in the poster that she and Ane are working on. It has potential for turning into a “work of art” and certainly something that is worth looking at (and a nice souvenir of their friendship and their time in Florida). I’ve been encouraging them to add elements and SAT vocabulary into the design to enhance their language learning. I think Maria and Ane are interested in advertising and public relations and marketing. Please check with them. Jo Bick is in the middle of editing a video (that will eventually go on youtube to explain an innovative program). He has a laptop and is very passionate about talking. Jeff and I believe he can use some listening exercises....
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to the next teacher - with you, is it possible for them to...

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