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Marquart, J. W., Ekland-Olson, S., & Sorensen, J. R. (1994). From lynchings to electrocutions (Chapter 1). In The rope, the chair, and the needle: Capital punishment in Texas, 1923-1990 (pp. 1-18). Austin, TX: University of Texas Press. Reading Study Guide Questions: 1) What do the authors say about the link between illegal lynchings and the 1923 capital punishment statute in Texas? 2) What allowed states to implement a prisoner ‘convict leasing system’ after the Civil War? 3) How were prisons similar to plantations? 4) What do the authors say about the line between legal and illegal hangings? How were legal lynchings carried out in this respect? 5) What was the predominant form of violence to keep blacks in their “place”? 6) To whom was this violence directed? Who committed it? 7) On p. 3, what were some of the reasons slaves and former slaves were killed? 8) What was the historical context of counties that had disproportionate amounts of violence and lynchings?
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