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Reading Study Guide Zimring, F. (2003). The contradictions of American capital punishment. New York: Oxford University Press. Questions: 1) Why does Zimring argue that Timothy McVeigh’s execution was a “good” execution? 2) What created a sense of “anticlimax” for victims’ families in the McVeigh case? 3) What did American federal courts do in 1967 related to the death penalty? 4) What did Furman v. Georgia in 1972 do? 5) Zimring says that Figure 1.1 conveys two false impressions about executions in the US over the past 50+ years, what are they? 6) Nearly 90% of all executions in the year 2000 occurred in which region of the US? 7) Which three states led executions in the year 2000? 8) On p. 7, Zimring says, “The current circumstances of capital punishment in the US are distinguished from earlier eras,” what are these? 9) Is there a clear and proximate relationship between death sentences and executions? 10) How many death sentences are typically invalidated by appellate review in the state and
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