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Name: SIN: Nutrition 111AV Spring 2010 Exam 1 May 4 True/False 1. The designation of a fatty acid, 16:2, would indicate a molecule with a total of 18 carbons and 2 double bonds. (F) 2. Digestion of alpha-amylose occurs more slowly than alpha-amylopectin (T). 3. When the energy level of the cell is high (i.e. high ATP in the liver cells), insulin is secreted and glucose is stored (T). 4. Current recommendations regarding fat intake suggest a healthy diet should eliminate all fat (F). 5. A carbohydrate belongs to the D series if when written in the projection formula, with the aldehyde/ketone group at the top, the hydroxyl group on the next to the last carbon is to the left (F). 6. Monosaccharides are predominantly synthesized in the D-configuration (T). 7. Biological quality of a protein refers to the number of essential amino acids contained in the protein (T). 8. New proteins are made primarily from the breakdown of dietary proteins.(F) 9. Linoleic acid is most likely to remain solid at room temperature (F). 10. All of the available amino acids in the body constitute the amino acid pool (T). 11. The liver and small intestine are major sites of lipoprotein secretion. (T) 12. The emulsifying action of bile salts allows enzymes such as pancreatic lipase to break down triglycerides into fatty acids and monoglycerides (T). 13. Diet modification is not the most effective way to lower blood cholesterol levels in many individuals. (T)
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Name: SIN: 14. High levels of HDLs in the blood are associated with an increased risk of heart disease (F). 15. The majority of fats are stored in the body as triglyceride. (T) 16. Gluconeogensis is the essentially the reverse of beta oxidation. (F) 17. Micelle formation is critical for lipid absorption (T). 18. Amino Acids that can be synthesized in the body are considered to be nonessential amino
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KEY_2010_EXAM1_NUT111AV%20_3_ - Name SIN Nutrition 111AV...

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