key mid1 - Page 3 o f7 Name Kf.1 P roblem 1 M ARK the...

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Page 3 of7 Name: Kf.1 . Problem 1 . MARK the following statements, a - j as TRUE or FALSE. You might find it useful to consult the information on page 2 for sonle ofthe statements. Only ONE answer will be graded (2pts each). --.£ a) A plot of I / [A]t versus time for a second order reaction gives a straigllt lille with a slope equal to -k. --E- b) The half-life of a first order reaction depends on the initial concentration. c) The term "Thermal Motion" is derived from the relationship between temperature and molecular motion. F d) Consider the chemical equations below: 1 st reaction A (aq) + B (aq) ~ A +B- (aq) 2 nd reaction C 2 +(aq) + D 2 -(aq) ~ CD (aq) For the second reaction, we would expect a positive value for ~s:f. T e) The nlean speed of an ideal gas molecule depends on temperature and molecular mass. T f) A simple definition for the mechanism of a reaction is the number of elementary steps involved and the nature of intermediates formed. g) Enzymes always contain only one active site. h) Consider the followillg scheme: k l E+S~ ES~P+E ( k -I The initial rate of product formation, V o = (d[P]) IS always
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key mid1 - Page 3 o f7 Name Kf.1 P roblem 1 M ARK the...

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