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University of California at Davis CHEM 107 B Physical Chemistry for the Life Sciences Winter 2010 Practice Midterm 2 Exam Student Name: _____________________ Student ID: _______________________ Instructions: This is a CLOSED BOOK EXAM. DO NOT OPEN the exam until instructed to do so. Useful equations and constants are provided on the last page. All work must be shown and print clearly for credit. This Exam has 5 questions (20 pts each) and total of 7 pages. Make sure that you have all pages. 1 20 _____ 2 20 _____ 3 20 _____ 4 20 _____ 5 20 _____ Total 100 _____
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Chem 107B Practice Midterm 2, Page 2 of 7 Name:…………………………… Problem 1 MARK the following statements, a – j as TRUE or FALSE . You might find it useful to consult the information on page 2 for some of the statements. Only ONE answer will be graded. a) For the hydrogen atom and hydrogen-like ions, the energy of the electron depends only on the principal quantum number n, but for many–electron atoms, the energy of an electron depends on both n and angular momentum quantum number, . b) The de Broglie wavelength for a car traveling at 60 mph is longer than the de Broglie wavelength of an electron traveling at the same speed. c) Electrons in a microscope traveling at 0.2 x 10 6 m/s give a maximum wavelength resolution of 3.6 nm. d) The polarizability of a molecule increases as a function of the number of electrons and the diffuseness of the electron cloud. e) A bond order of zero means that the bond has no stability and the molecule can not exist. f)
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practice test 2 - University of California at Davis CHEM...

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