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11.++Chang - Always think about also critically evaluating...

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11. New Thinking on Late Developers PLCP 4500 Prof. Deborah Boucoyannis Spring 2010 11.  April 8:   New Thinking on Late Developers Joon Chang,  Kicking Away the Ladder: Development Strategy in Historical  Perspective . ASSIGNMENT Answer the two questions below and submit a single-spaced, single-page response. Make sure you support each statement with a reference to the relevant text. A single page should have 10-15 citations from the text. Do not blockquote! Render the argument in your own words. Citations should be in text, in the following format: (Friedman, 23). Footnotes should not be used. Do not simply summarize.
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Unformatted text preview: Always think about also critically evaluating the argument. Does it make sense? Is it persuasive? Can you think of important counterarguments? The assignment should be emailed to me before the start of class and a paper copy submitted to me in class. Q UESTIONS Of the authors we have read, which was one is closest to the account offered by Chang on the trajectory of 1. developed countries? 2. less-developed countries? Make sure to support your answer with specific references to arguments in Chang’s book and references to the original readings you believe most apposite. 07:03:13 1...
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