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Online Physics PS 13 – Static Electricity, Coulomb’s Law G = 6.67 x 10 -11 Nm 2 /kg 2 Name: 1. A rubber rod is rubbed with animal fur. What is the net charge on the fur? What happened for the fur to develop this charge? (Discuss the movement of charge). 2. A glass rod is rubbed with silk. What is the net charge on the glass rod? What happened for the rod to develop this charge? 3. What is the fundamental charge on an electron and proton in coulombs? 4. How many electrons make up a coulomb of charge? 5. Suppose you have two isolated conducting spheres that are both neutral. You move 2mC of charge from one to the other. What is the charge now on each sphere and what is the charge difference between them? 6. What is the force between the spheres in problem 5, after the charge is moved, if the centers of the spheres are 1.3 m apart? 7. What is the force of gravitational attraction between a proton and an electron, held 1.0 m apart? (Find the masses online or in your text). What is the force of
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