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CHEM+1311+Quiz+1 - 5 Identify the quantum numbers defining...

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CHEM 1311 Quiz #1, 20 points 22 May 2009 Dr. Charlie Cox Name_______________________________ Summer 2009 Closed NOTE/Closed BOOK 1. Calculate the radius and energy of the theoretical B 4+ . Radius ____________ pm (1 point) Energy____________ J (1 point) Radius Calculation (2 points) Energy Calculation (2 points) 2. What are the quantum numbers for an electron in the f " shell of Eu? (3 points) 3. Identify the number of nodes in a 4d orbital. Radial Nodes ______________ (1 point) Angular Nodes ______________ (1 point) 4. Explain why Bohr added the restriction to his planetary model: mvr = nh/2 # . (3 points)
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Identify the quantum numbers defining: a. The radial distribution function ____________________________ (1 point) b. The angular distribution function __________________________ (1 point) 6. Draw a contour map (depicting nodes) of the 3s orbital. (1 point) 7. Which orbital is more penetrating? A 3s, 3p, or 3d. (1 point) ____________ 8. The mass of an object is directly or inversely (circle the answer) proportional to its DeBroglie wavelength. (1 point) 9. The radius is directly or inversely (circle the answer) proportional to nuclear charge. (1 point)...
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