CHEM+1311+Quiz+2 - (3 points) Z eff...

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CHEM 1311 Quiz #2, 20 points 29 May 2009 Dr. Charlie Cox Name_______________________________ Summer 2009 Closed NOTE/Closed BOOK 1. Provide an electron configuration for the following species: Fe _____________________________________________ (2 points) Fe 2+ ____________________________________________ (2 points) 2. Determine Z eff for Fe and Fe 2+ (we are analyzing the 3d shell. Ignore 4s electrons when doing the calculation ) Fe Calcuation:
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Unformatted text preview: (3 points) Z eff ________________________ Fe 2+ Calculation: (1 point) Z eff _________________________ 3. Which has a larger radius, Fe or Fe 2+ . Why? (3 points) 4. Why does Fe 2+ have a relatively low ionization energy? (3 points) N N N N N N 5. Two possible resonance forms for azide, N 3-are: I A B Identify the best of the two structures according to formal charges. (6 points)...
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CHEM+1311+Quiz+2 - (3 points) Z eff...

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