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Sheet1 Page 1 (Jeff Cadge/The Image Bank/Getty Images) (Jeff Cadge/The Image Bank/Getty Images) CHAPTER 13 CONCEPTS ¦ Eating patterns can affect health and nutrition throughout life. ¦ Children¨ s nutrient intakes must meet their needs for growth and development as well as for maintenance and activity. ¦ Normal growth is the best indicator of adequate intake. ¦ Sexual maturation affects nutrient needs. ¦ Eating disorders and the use of fad diets, sports supplements, and alcohol use all increase during adolescence. ¦ Americans are living longer than ever before help to increase the number of healthy years. ¦ The physiological, social, and economic changes that occur with aging increase the risk of malnutrition. ¦ Older adults need to consume nutrient-dense diets to meet nutrient needs without exceeding their calorie needs. ¦ Alcohol consumption can affect nutritional status, judgment, and health. Just A Taste Does a child“ s diet affect their risk of heart disease as an adult? Can fast food and sweetened cereals be part of a healthy diet? Can a healthy diet keep you young? Does getting older increase your risk of malnutrition? o 13 Nutrition from 2 to 102 Good Nutrition Early On Is Key to Health Throughout Life Healthy Eating Habits Keep Children Healthy Healthy Eating Habits Are Learned Nourishing Young Children Can Be a Challenge
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Sheet1 Page 2 Children‚ s Energy and Nutrient Needs Increase with Age A Balanced Varied Diet Will Meet Children° s Nutrient Needs Normal Growth Is the Best Indicator of Adequate Intake Diet and Lifestyle Affect Nutritional Risks in Children Adolescents Have Changing Bodies and High Nutrient Needs Hormones Cause Sexual Maturation and Changes in Body Size and Composition Total Energy and Nutrient Needs Are Greatest during Adolescence Teens Must Learn to Make Healthy Choices to Meet Nutrient Needs Concerns about Appearance and Performance Can Precipitate Nutritional Problems Good Nutrition Can Keep Adults Healthy Aging Begins at Birth Aging Affects Recommendations for Some Nutrients The Physical, Mental, and Social Changes of Aging Increase Nutritional Risks The DETERMINE Checklist Helps Assess the Risk of Malnutrition Meeting Nutritional Needs Involves Nutritional, Social, and Economic Considerations Drinking Alcohol Can Be a Risk at All Stages of Life Alcohol Enters the Bloodstream Quickly Long-Term Excessive Alcohol Consumption Has Serious Health Consequences There Are Benefits to Moderate Alcohol Consumption If You Drink Alcohol Do So in Moderation INTRODUCTION The Orlando Sentinel See How They Run Ocoee Elementary .... By Kate Santich April 12, 2004...At a time when childhood obesitynational crisis, when kids are casualties in an epidemityp Elementary School has become a microcosm of hope.
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