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Physics 4AL Lab for Science and Engineering Mechanics Experiment 1: Uniform Acceleration Lab Section: LAB 5 Name: Sun-Yi Lim UID: 503576474 Date: 7/1/10 TA: Chris Partner: Jaimie Yep
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In this experiment, two individuals worked as a group with given system, which consisted of a glider, smart pulley, various weights, and a blower. Recalling that the Newton’s second law states that F = ma, the experiment was designed so that, with given system, the group will be able to study constant acceleration movement. This is done by comparing calculated (or predicted) acceleration assuming that the system is under no friction condition, with velocity vs. time plot data collected by using photogate. Glider, with a string attached, has mass M . The string passes over a smart pulley, which we assume that does not slip, and is connected to a weight, with mass m . Gravity as well as string tension acts on the weight, therefore, the total force on the weight is mg - = T ma . The Glider on the air track has string tension only, with an assumption that the string doesn’t stretch. When all the tensions are added together, tensions cancel out and the system has total force of: = + mg M ma Therefore, in order to calculate for ( ) apredict ms2 , the equation above needs to be rearranged: = + apredict mgM m This calculation is used in each run and the results can be found in the data portion of this report. Acceleration is rate of change of velocity in terms of time. In order to obtain
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lab1L - Physics 4AL Lab for Science and Engineering...

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