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study guide for final

study guide for final - Ida Tarbell Believed that...

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Ida Tarbell Believed that completing a college degree would serve as a vital first step Few colleges accepted women, and those that did rarely accepted them on an equal basis with men Hoped to attend Cornell University, in Ithaca, NY Ended up attending Allegheny College Was the only woman in her graduating class By the time she graduated from Allegheny College in 1880, she found herself thinking about society's problems and solutions, but felt unsure how to proceed Began teaching school, but was unhappy Decided to move to Paris where she could sharpen her research skills Moving quickly to generate income as a freelance writer, she sent dispatches from Paris across the US, hoping some of them would publish her stories for pay Attended college in Paris, called Sorbonne Attended lecture classes covering political economy and French revolutionary history, among other topics The specific info in these courses extended her knowledge base Learned research methods practiced by the best historians in France Learned how to puzzle through gaps in historical records Developed tools to weigh contradictory evidence In Paris, she developed some of the most powerful tools as a writer of narrative non-fiction To pay her bills, she sought freelance writing and editing jobs To promote her writing career, she determined quickly that she would address an issue of significance to her – alcohol / reported fairly on the issue, even though she believed that it should be banned This showed her determination to be objective, to be fair and to present differing sides of an  issue As she received assignments and demonstrated the range of her interests, readers saw for themselves the revelatory nature of her insight
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