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Kelley Owens PSC 2302 – Essay April 23, 2010 Justices Reject Ban on Videos of Animal Cruelty Animal brutality is an awful kind of violence, but those who create, sell, or view movies of that conduct have to be protected under the free speech clause of the first amendment. People who hurt animals or who are seen committing acts of violence should still go to jail for the pain they inflict on these animals, and maybe the sale of tapes will make it easier for the police to find the criminals who are committing these acts of animal cruelty. The Court made the right decision in this case. As offensive as dogfighting is and as much as the videos upset the public, the First Amendment permits these things to be watched. I am very happy that I live in a country where the Supreme Court enforces the idea that the public is able to exercise their right of freedom of expression; even when it is a kind of expression that someone cannot stand.
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Unformatted text preview: The decision concentrated not on the value of the videos as protected free speech but on the fact that the law was too general because it covers protected and unprotected speech. The Court pointed out that a restricted ban against a specific type of video would be constitutional. The government has a compelling interest in controlling speech if it lessens the fundamental action, which is the hurting and killing of animals. The Court is ruling against a unsatisfactorily composed law. The Court needs to write a new law to make dogfighting and videos against the law. The point of freedom is speech is to defend the content that is a part of the edge of society, which are the things that most people find to be unpleasant or even condemnable by their standards....
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