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notes for final project - The Court concludes that the...

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The Court concludes that the Policy prohibiting discrimination on the basis of religion and sexual orientation, among other categories, is within the Hastings' constitutional authority as a state constitution. the Nondiscrimination Policy only targets the conduct of discrimination. As long as student groups do not exclude students based on the prohibited categories, the groups are free to express any beliefs or perspectives they choose. Thus, the Court finds Hastings' implementation of its Nondiscrimination Policy the most direct method of achieving Hastings' goal of eradicating harmful discrimination. Generally, school facilities may be deemed to be public forums only if school authorities have by policy or practice opened those facilities for indiscriminate use by the general public. Therefore, the Court concludes that Hastings created a limited public forum and thus, the restrictions on access to this forum are permissible so long as they are viewpoint-neutral and reasonable. Hastings has not excluded CLS because it is a religious group but rather because it refuses to comply with the prerequisites imposed on all student organizations. CLS contends that Hastings engages in viewpoint discrimination because it prohibits CLS from using religion as a criteria for selecting members and officers. Thus, the Court concludes that the Nondiscrimination Policy, and Hastings' enforcement of this policy,
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notes for final project - The Court concludes that the...

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