Exam 4 Review

Exam 4 Review - Acute/Chronic disease Fee-for-service...

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Exam 4 Review Micro/Macro views of Education Informal/Formal and Mass Education Cultural Transmission Sociological perspectives on Education Manifest/Latent functions of Education Cultural capital The Hidden Curriculum Self-Fulfilling Prophecy Religion Sacred/Profane Rituals Four Categories of Religion Secularization Civil Religion Ideologies (Marx) False Consciousness Calvinism and the Protestant Ethic Durkheim, Marx, Weber on Religion Symbolic Interactionism and Religion
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Health Infant mortality rate Social Epidemiology Environment, Disease Agents, Human Host
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Unformatted text preview: Acute/Chronic disease Fee-for-service Medicare and Medicaid Universal health care Socialized medicine Sociological perspectives on health and health care Medical-Industrial Complex Medicalization and Demedicalization Disability Demography Fertility, Mortality, Migration Crude rates Life expectancy Population composition Population pyramid Malthus Stages of demographic transition Gender Regimes Simmel’s View of City Life Suburbanization Rural/Urban in U.S....
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Exam 4 Review - Acute/Chronic disease Fee-for-service...

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