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Presidentletter - We had some super Easter parties Thanks...

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Letter from the President We are springing into fun in your PTA! Our annual Robinson County Fair is coming up in May. You should have heard from your room parent by now about how you can help to make this a success for our students. Each class has a booth at the fair, and if everyone takes a short shift working at the booth for their class, everyone will also have time to enjoy the festivities with their children. We are also sponsoring our class-project auction baskets. Talk with your student about what you might contribute to make this project one for your student and their classmates to remember.
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Unformatted text preview: We had some super Easter parties. Thanks to the room parents and others who contributed to make this a fun day for the children. Coming up, we will have teacher appreciation week. Our teacher appreciation chairs are working on fun ideas from the PTA, but we encourage you to help your child come up with their own ideas as well – maybe a nice note. We’re having a wonderful year. Thank you for being great parents. Lorrie Crumb...
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  • Spring '08
  • Dr.Owens
  • English-language films, Robinson County Fair, Lorrie Crumb, class-project auction baskets, super Easter parties

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