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summer writing - craft stick handle. Your child can make...

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Easy summer activities build writing  skills Three simple ways to get your child ready for school next semester. From What you need:  • pad of paper • markers • paintbrush or craft sticks • water or  ice cubes  What to do: W 1. Travel Reporter.  Whether you're heading to the beach or the  backyard, bring along a pad and markers for your child to record the experience.  Remember, her first step in writing is drawing what she sees! 2. Water Writing.  A refreshing way to write is with a paintbrush and water or an ice cube with a 
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Unformatted text preview: craft stick handle. Your child can make letters, words, and pictures by moving the ice cube along a paved surface. Then, she can watch as her writing dries and disappears. 3. Sticks and Stones. Give your child a stick, and the beach or sandbox suddenly becomes a huge writing pad! She'll enjoy drawing and writing in the sand or earth with sticks or stones — and erasing her work before starting all over again. Learning benefits: • provides practice with letters • increases familiarity with the purposes of writing • supports basic writing skills...
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