syllabus for spanish 2320

syllabus for spanish 2320 - COURSE SYLLABUS, SPANISH 2320,...

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COURSE SYLLABUS, SPANISH 2320, Summer, 2010. 2320-S1 2320-S2 M-F 8:00-9:30 M-F 9:45-11:15 Old Main 100 Old Main 100 PROFESSOR: Ms. Sharon Gatlin Johnson Office: Main 103 Phone: 710-4530 E-mail: Office Hours: I. GOALS AND OBJECTIVES: A. Goals: 1. To function in Spanish at the Intermediate/Mid to Intermediate/High level with respect to the skills--listening, speaking, reading, and writing. 2. To increase understanding and appreciation of Hispanic cultures. B. Objectives: The student will demonstrate competency in the language at the Intermediate level according to the Provisional Proficiency Guidelines of the American Council of the Teaching of Foreign Languages. 1. Listening and Speaking: The student will demonstrate the ability in Spanish both to satisfy most survival needs and to begin to participate in discussions involving concepts and opinions. He/she will be able to narrate in more common tenses (present, past, future) with a minimum of errors. He/she will acquire new vocabulary, both practical and abstract. The student will be able to follow instructions, to describe with some detail, to explain actions and concepts, and to express and defend opinions. Having read introductory and literary readings in Spanish and having viewed films, the student will demonstrate these skills in class discussion, oral comprehension exercises on quizzes and exams, and an individual oral test at the end of the term. 2. Reading and Writing: The student will comprehend simple informational paragraphs and authentic prose and poetry readings that are not too complicated. He/she will be able to guess at meaning from context, although misinterpretation with more complex patterns will occur. He/she will take notes, paraphrase or summarize, and
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This note was uploaded on 07/21/2010 for the course SPA 2320 taught by Professor Erickson during the Summer '08 term at Baylor.

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syllabus for spanish 2320 - COURSE SYLLABUS, SPANISH 2320,...

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