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Current Events: Building Haiti’s Economy, One Mango at a Time. Haiti suffered a massive earthquake that crushed the nation in 2009. Huge relief efforts took place all over the world. Because of the earthquake, Haiti’s economy took a massive hit too. The country is in need of jobs more desperately than ever. There are many ways to create jobs in Haiti but because of the nation’s reputation many entrepreneurs are afraid of investing in country that has been this unstable in the past. Haiti has potential in the garment industry along with in the food industry. The garments made in Haiti are close to the quality of Chinese manufactured clothes. They have recently started to compete in the market in this sector but this is not enough to bring the country out of this disaster. Some of the best
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Unformatted text preview: mangos in the world grow in Haiti. Not many are exported because of the countrys terrible infrastructure. Another product that has not been exploited in Haiti is their coffee beans. There is also a huge potential market for tourists. There are many areas that people would love to visit. There is some great history in Haiti. There is a famous pirate island off the northern coast. Haitians can take the earthquake and turn the country around using the money the publicity coming into the country. Low income housing and other public facilities are needed. What is needed in the country are investors which is what is lacking.
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